Vacature International Solar foreman

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Communication point between Fresh Start Solutions BVand the foreign workers detached to work on ourprojects.Applicant must be able to independently direct theforeign workers throughout the entire constructionprocess of large scale solar projects.The Netherlands and throughout the EU

Languages:EnglishUkrainianPolishRussianVan der Valk Mounting Systems:Applicant must have experience with Van der Valk solarmounting systems on large scale projects includingproper placement of ballast.Solar Cabling:Applicant must have experience laying DC cables forlarge scale flat roofs. Along with cable management perinverter.Cable Tray:Applicant must have experience with different brandcable trays and be able to adjust them making properbends.Solar Greenhouse:Applicant must have experience in large scale greenhouse solar projects with normal cabling but also crosscabling.PV & String Layouts:Applicant must be able to read CAD drawings of thestring and/or PV layouts. When necessary mark errorsand resend them to the project manager for changes.


Applicant must have experience with several systems for large scale solar projects